Star Wars: 5 reasons The Mandalorian will bring back the lost fans

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The Mandalorian: Carl Weather. Photo credit: Lucasfilm

A new story

For more than 40 years, Star Wars fans have been following the story of one family. The Skywalkers have been a part of our lives one way or another through all the episodic movies and some of the anthology movies as well.

When it comes to live-action in the Star Wars world, that’s all we know.

But The Mandalorian is a new story. Even though the series still takes in the same universe and we will see the remnants of the Empire, it’s a new story with characters we have never met before. The only effect the Skywalkers will have had on this show should be the breakdown of the empire.

From there, we shouldn’t see too many characters with links to any of the original characters (unless, of course, Boba Fett shows up)

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A new story is compelling, especially for those fans who have been disenfranchised by Star Wars because of the sequel trilogy. In this case, they will not have to consider the Skywalkers.

The new story might have ties to the lore, but we won’t know until the full story is told. However, a new story will be great. Because if you look at the new stories that have been told such as Star Wars: Rebels, fans have found new and alluring characters they can relate to.

That’s what The Mandalorian will bring too — new characters, new planets and a story that no one knows yet.