Star Wars: 5 reasons The Mandalorian will bring back the lost fans

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The Mandalorian: Gina Carrano. Photo credit: Lucasfilm

Space western

We talked about the premise of The Mandalorian, but now it’s time to talk about the feel. From everything we have seen of the show, it has this raw, gritty feel to it.

The best way to describe is like a space western as it has a bounty hunter as the central character who will likely deal with the blurring lines of good and bad. Westerns are a popular genre and they appeal to a large group of people. You can take those storylines and put them in different scenarios.

In this case, let’s put the genre in the Outer Rim and allow our character to live in a lawless land while dealing with choices with morality. It’s less about light and dark sides and more about choices people face when given unimaginable decisions.

While The Mandalorian is Star Wars, it also feels a bit detached from anything that has come before it. It was probably smart to set in the Outer Rim to have it isolation from the rest of the Star Wars lore, but enough that it would be close.

But the isolation is also felt in the way the show looks. It’s dark, complex and dirty. The world is immersive and will draw the viewer right in.

The Mandalorian has all the right notes working for it and will be the show the unites the Star Wars fan base.

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The Mandalorian premieres on Disney+ in November.