9 actors we want to see in the next Star Wars trilogy

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SAN DIEGO, CA – JULY 21: Actor Liam Cunningham attends WIRED Cafe during Comic-Con International 2016 at Omni Hotell on July 21, 2016 in San Diego, California. (Photo by John Sciulli/Getty Images for WIRED)

4. Liam Cunningham

Liam Cunningham caught all of our attention as Davos Seaworth on Game of Thrones. As one of the most relatable and level-headed characters on the show, the Onion Knight, as he was nicknamed, was consistently the voice of reason fighting against the political machinations of Westeros for the greater good.

Could Cunningham also be that moral compass in a galaxy far, far away? Absolutely.

What made Cunningham’s performance so great on Game of Thrones was how well he embraced both the role and the world it was set in. It felt like he fit perfectly into that medieval time period, and I think it’s very much the same when thinking of him in the context of the Old Republic—for the sake of argument, let’s assume this is the route Lucasfilm is taking in 2022.

Cunningham is also no stranger to Star Wars. During Collider’s Collider Live morning show in early May, Cunningham was asked about casting for the upcoming Star Wars trilogy to which he jokingly replied that his agent and accountant think it would be a colossal error if he didn’t get a role. He went on to say:

"“I love science fiction. I absolutely love it. For who on this planet Star Wars wasn’t an integral part of their growing up, and it’s gorgeous, because it’s a western in the sky. … These genre things are wonderful and I love doing them if they’re done properly.”"