Star Wars: Just six months away from Episode IX


Yep, only six months left until Star Wars: Episode IX is finally here. Let’s take a look at the road that will take us there.

Star Wars: Episode IX feels so far away but it’s creeping closer. Today, officially marks the the six-month mark from its release date.

So with The Rise of Skywalker so close — and yet still so far — here’s everything we know about the upcoming movie. Warning potential spoilers ahead.

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Where we were

When we last left our stars, Kylo Ren and Rey had a force bond that could connect them across the galaxy. They fought together to take down Snoke, but when Kylo Ren asked Rey to join him in ruling the galaxy, she turned him down and went to the Resistance.

Amazingly Rey thought Kylo still had a chance to be redeemed even though he killed his father in The Force Awakens.

The Resistance has been decimated with a few left to take on the First Order.

Luke Skywalker died in The Last Jedi, and most of Leia’s friends and family are gone.

Where we are

We have gotten scant confirmed details. Most of everything else has been rumors and speculation. I expect that to pick up very soon.

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Episode IX is called The Rise of Skywalker, which has been theorized upon since we learned the name at Star Wars Celebration.

We also know the Knights of Ren will actually be in the film in a more prominent role. We don’t know their exact capacity — are they for or against Kylo — but they’re there and they look amazing.

There are new characters in the movie such as Jannah (Naomi Ackie), Zorri (Keri Russell) and General Pryde (Richard E. Grant). Jannah is with the Resistance, Pryde is part of the First Order, and Zorri seems like she is somewhere in between.

Where we are going

What’s next is the big question. Kylo Ren is the Supreme Leader of the First Order, but I think we can all agree he doesn’t have the temperament for it.

The Resistance is building back with help from across the galaxy.

And somehow Palpatine is a part of all of it but we haven’t figured out just how he fits yet.

So there it is. With six months to go before Star Wars: Episode IX comes out, there is still so much to learn.

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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker premieres worldwide on December 20.