Star Wars: Who is the ice cream maker in The Empire Strikes Back?


Better known as the Ice Cream Maker, Willrow Hood became a Star Wars legend. But the mystery behind what he carried is finally solved — and it’s not an ice cream maker.

While at Star Wars Celebration this year, there was essentially a flash mob of people wearing orange coveralls carrying an ice cream maker.

There were at least a hundred of them running through the floor gathering attention and creating a lot of laughs. But what was it about?

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In The Empire Strikes Back there is a scene man who is running in Cloud City in what looks like to be an ice cream maker. Was this man running for his life with an ice cream maker? Probably not. But it was fun to imagine.

io9 has finally cracked the case of this Star Wars legend in an article describing what Willrow Hood is actually carrying.

"Well, io9 can exclusively reveal that’s no ice cream maker. In fact, it’s a safe."

Ah, a safe. That makes so much more sense, but an ice cream maker was way more fun.

However, we knew something was up and there would be more to it when Jon Favreay posted an image of the safe on Instagram during the filming of The Mandalorian. Then, during the preview clip showed at Celebration, the safe — or cantomo — was seen again.

This time there was no mistake. In The Mandalorian, it housed an important alloy.

Who knows what was inside Willrow’s Hood safe in The Empire Strikes Back, but I bet it was ice cream.

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The Mandalorian premieres on Disney+ on November 12.