Disney’s Destiny: The case for a Mace Windu standalone film

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Roughly five years after falling into Coruscant’s shadowy underworld, Mace has made a life for himself in the darkest recesses of Coruscant.

While he was initially filled with rage and revenge, Mace found himself struggling to heal his injuries. Upon landing, he was badly burnt from the Force lightning, countless bones broken, and missing an arm. He was found by a young street urchin who took him in and slowly nursed him back to health.

Eventually, Windu salvaged the requisite parts to construct a cybernetic arm to replace the one Vader had taken from him. It was a crude instrument, but functional.

Upon his recovery, Mace is left with deep scarring from the burns and isn’t quite as nimble as he once was, but he still manages to live up to his title of Jedi Master.

With time, Mace comes to realize just how extensively the underworld of Coruscant has been neglected. While he had heard of the horrors, he had never truly experienced it until he was forced to carve out an existence there.

As he was forced to witness terrible crimes, poverty, and corruption, helpless to assist as he recovered, he came to realize that this place was in desperate need of help, as well as just how far the Jedi had truly fallen. Their arrogance had blinded them not only to the rise of the Sith, but also to the suffering of those who they had sworn to protect.

Mace quickly comes to realize his suspicions had been true all along: the way of the Jedi desperately needed to change.

Upon his recovery, Mace begins to take on somewhat of a vigilante role, standing up to the crime syndicates that run this part of Coruscant. Whether it is breaking up slave trades or simply defending civilians against common thieves, Mace truly becomes a local legend.

Eventually, Mace learns of a crime syndicate that is abducting civilians off the streets of the lower levels and selling them into slavery. He sets out to disrupt this network, intent on ensuring that they are unable to claim another innocent life.

Mace is, of course, successful, however he is unaware this particular syndicate is one of the largest suppliers of slaves to the Empire. As such, upon hearing their slave supply has been disrupted by an old man with a purple lightsaber, the Empire quickly takes notice.