Were these 12 characters treated better in The Force Awakens or The Last Jedi

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General Leia Organa (The Last Jedi)

Leia’s reunion with Han is one of the best moments in The Force Awakens, and she is the perfect choice to be leading the Resistance. That being said, Leia shows up fairly late into The Force Awakens and doesn’t get quite enough to do. Despite being the leader of the Resistance, most of her scenes are not really about her and are largely about Han or their son.

On the other hand, Leia is in The Last Jedi from the very beginning, and this story gives Leia more to do than the previous film. While facing the First Order’s fleet, Leia is a more active leader than before. She has to make more tough calls this time.

All the while, she’s pushing Poe Dameron to become the leader he has the potential to become, refusing to let him get away with the kind of nonsense he’s been allowed to get away with in the past.

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Contrary to the opinion of many fans, the moment where Leia uses the Force to survive and make her way back to the Raddus is a beautiful and enormously satisfying scene. Ever since she and Luke communicated with the Force in The Empire Strikes Back, fans have known Leia is Force-sensitive.

The Last Jedi finally gave her the opportunity to use that Force-sensitivity in the films beyond just communication or knowing when someone close to her died or if they were all right.

Her reunion with her brother Luke Skywalker’s Force projection is the icing on the cake that gives The Last Jedi the edge where Leia is concerned, a beautiful scene that is moving on so many levels.