Star Wars: What did Carrie Fisher say to Daisy Ridley during their hug?


During the Star Wars: Episode IX trailer, Carrie Fisher and Daisy Ridley had an emotional hug, but Fisher turned into a fun moment in the only way she could.

We’ve all seen the scene from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker teaser trailer: Carrie Fisher and Daisy Ridley in an embrace.

During the trailer, it was a moment that made me pause and got me emotional. Fisher hasn’t been with us for several years but we knew she would appear in the film through unused footage from The Force Awakens.

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But I still wasn’t prepared for the hug.

The funny thing is that while Daisy Ridley had a tear running down her face and I was doing anything I could to hold my own back, Carrie Fisher was being, well, Carrie Fisher.

In a recent interview with Vulture, Ridley was asked if she remembered the hug and what Fisher said to her at the time. You would think it could be anything from what was going in the scene or perhaps nothing at all.

Instead, Fisher was cursing in Ridley’s ear.

"She was actually whispering, “This is a f***ing long hug.” [Laughs.] I was trying to do my acting, like, “Oh my god, Carrie!” There wasn’t any discussion about what we were gonna do."


And yet it makes the scene even better because we get to remember Carrie Fisher not just as Princess Leia who turned into a general of the Resistance, but also as a woman who did and said what she wanted.

She made the sets lighter and brighter, and those around her loved her fiercely.

You can see it now in the way Mark Hamill fights for her. You see it everywhere you look as a Star Wars fans. Her legacy is fully entrenched in the fandom creating a world that is fun, devoted and loving.

And next time you hug someone, remember to tell them, “This is a f***ing long hug.”

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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker premieres worldwide on December 20.