Star Wars: 13 best moments of rebels fighting for their independence

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Photo credit: Star Wars Resistance/Disney, Image acquired from Lucasfilm

In celebration of Independence Day, we look at the top moments of characters fighting for their freedom in Star Wars. The destruction of the Death Star makes the cut — all of them.

America is celebrating its birthday today with Independence Day. Freedom is a common theme in stories as people, groups and countries fight for their independence from oppressors.

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There is no shortage of that in Star Wars where the rebels, resistance, New Republic or whatever you want to call them have been fighting for their freedom from the Empire/First Order since the franchise started.

Throughout the Star Wars movies there have been incredible moments of characters showing their resolve, fighting to break free of circumstances and situations.

Fighting for the greater good of the galaxy even if that means risking it all.

Here’s a look at 13 of the top Star Wars moments of characters fighting for their independence and showing amazing resolve.

Finn vs. Captain Phasma

There’s no love lost between Finn and Captain Phasma. She sensed his wavering support of the First Order, but before he could have his memory wiped, Finn escaped the First Order right into the arms of the Resistance.

His showdown with Captain Phasma came in The Last Jedi aboard Snoke’s ship. They fought with Captain Phasma looking as though she may finally get the better of Finn all the while fire rained around them from the failing ship.

In her last moment, Captain Phasma says to Finn, “You were always scum.”

But the act of rebellion wasn’t done there. Finn looked at her lone eye showing out of her broken chrome helmet and says, “Rebel Scum.”

Rather than being a slur, the Resistance and Finn turned scum into a point of pride. Finn showed his defiance in beating Phasma, who was only seconds away from killing Rose and Finn, fighting for his freedom and solidifying his place within the Resistance.

He lived to fight another day to help take the First Order down.