Star Wars: 13 best moments of rebels fighting for their independence

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Destroying Starkiller Base

Another Death Star?


It’s Starkiller Base. It’s actually worse than the Death Stars because it can – and did – destroy entire systems and not just one planet at a time.

The First Order said its purpose is to keep order in the galaxy, and it did it through fear and intimidation. When it destroyed Hosnian Prime, the First Order essentially destroyed the New Republic.

And yet, there was the Resistance headed by General Leia.

The Resistance found a weak point in Starkiller Base that made it implode. The implosion turned the planet into a star and took down the First Order’s biggest weapon.

While the story sounds familiar, it’s still the one that we got. It was essentially a third Death Star, which the likes of Leia, Han and Chewbacca had seen before.

Han Solo met his death on the ice planet, but even when one of their own fell, Chewie, Finn, Rey continued fighting their battles.

The destruction of Starkiller Base was important to the Resistance. It provided hope it could defeat the First Order because it took down its biggest weapon.

This gave the Resistance what it needed to continue fighting. Even though their ranks were decimated in The Last Jedi, the Resistance took out the First Order’s biggest weapon and that was a giant first step.