Star Wars: 13 best moments of rebels fighting for their independence

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Chirrut’s sacrifice

Chirrut Îmwe sees that he is the last hope for Jyn and Cassian. They’ve walked into a death trap on the beach of Scarif, and even though Chirrut knows his death is imminent, the blind Jedi-like member of the Guardian of the Whills slowly walks to the master switch.

As he walked toward it in the middle of a blaster fight, he repeated to himself, “I am one with the force. The force is one with me.”

He didn’t get hit  and activated the master switch so the plans for the Death Star could be beamed up to a rebel ship.

Then, a blaster bolt hit a gas container and the subsequent blow threw Chirrut backwards.

But his death was not in vain.

His heroic act allowed Jyn to send the Death Star plans to the rebels, which would lead to the destruction of the world-killing machine. Chirrut is a true hero as he walked into his death in order to save the rest of the galaxy from the tyranny of the Empire.

While Chirrut and his friend Baze Malbus would never see the reward for their efforts, without them the Rebels wouldn’t have been able to destroy the Death Star.

His name might not have gone down as one of the most memorable – and why not? – but he’s definitely a hero of the rebellion.