Star Wars: 13 best moments of rebels fighting for their independence

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Finn leaving the First Order

Stormtroopers haven’t had much personalities – not counting the guy that banged his head in A New Hope.

They’re nameless, faceless soldiers doing the bidding of the Empire and the First Order. But The Force Awakens changed that when we met Finn.

He was stormtrooper without an appetite for killing, which almost seems like a prerequisite for being a buckethead. Instead, seeing death chilled him and he questions everything about his future.

When he saw an opportunity to run, he took it. In the process, he helped Poe Dameron escape the First Order.

While Finn’s initial reasoning for leaving the First Order seemed selfish, it was important to set his foundation. Finn was not into killing, torturing or maiming. Instead, he wanted to live a life far from that.

He risked his life to gain his independence.

While it took some time for Finn to be convinced to fight with the Rebellion, it was more out of fear and protecting himself and Rey than anything else. He certainly wasn’t a coward.

Finn was incredibly brave to leave the First Order and become a man with a name and not just a designation and a number.

In the Star Wars movies, he’s one of a kind as we haven’t seen many defectors.