Star Wars: 13 best moments of rebels fighting for their independence

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Photo Credit: Star Wars: A New Hope/LucasFilm Ltd. Image Acquired from Disney Media Distribution

A rebel’s spirit

The face of the rebellion has been Leia for so long. We even got to see the moments that broke her, made her stronger and as a force.

While she fought in the shadows, she was pulled to the front of the battle when Tarkin and Vader captured her in A New Hope. Even in the face of destruction of her homeworld, which included her family, friends and everyone she cared about, she defied Tarkin and Vader and didn’t give up the rebels.

In all likelihood, even if had she given them the real planet, they would have destroyed Alderaan with the Death Star anyway, Leia persevered even in the wake of heartbreak.

Yet that moment when Leia – all 5-foot-1 of her – stared down Tarkin and Vader is the symbol of the rebels. It defined Leia and let us know that the princess was stronger than anyone had expected.

That moment would be the first in a string of them that showed how she would fight for herself, fight for those she loved and fight for the greater good of the galaxy.

Leia could also throw a good insult when she needed.

“Governor Tarkin, I should’ve expected to find you holding Vader’s leash. I recognized your foul stench when I was brought on board,” she said even though she likely knew they planned to kill her.