Star Wars: 13 best moments of rebels fighting for their independence

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Saving herself

Leia has never been one to wait for someone to rescue her, although she could use a helping hand every once in a while.

Throughout the Star Wars trilogy, Leia has saved herself a number of times.

First when the Empire captured her, Luke and Han came to rescue her and while they were helpful in getting her out of her cell, Leia fought her way out and found an escape route for them. She picked up the blaster with confidence and did what needed to be done to survive.

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When she was captured by Jabba and made part of his harem, and had to endure disgusting conditions, Leia found the opportunity to free herself.

While aboard Jabba’s barge, when Luke began his rescue of his friends, Leia used the distraction to take down Jabba. She used her chain to wrap it around his neck and choke him to death.

Years later, Leia would be known as The Hutt Killer.

Then in The Last Jedi in what should have been her death, Leia used the force to space walk back to the ship after she catapulted out of it from a blast that blew up the deck.

Her strength and perseverance is what made her such a beloved character, but also the way she could fend for herself.