Star Wars: 3 underrated questions we want The Rise of Skywalker to answer

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Photo credit: Lucasfilm.

3. Will we see a reunion of some of the original cast?

With the announcement of the sequel trilogy, fans were excited at the prospect of seeing Han, Luke, and Leia share screen time together.

Unfortunately, the deaths of Han and Luke and real-life death of Leia actress Carrie Fisher puts to bed any chance of those three appearing together on-screen. This is arguable the biggest disappointment with the sequel trilogy.

We saw Han and Leia reunite in The Force Awakens and Leia and Luke (sort of) meet in The Last Jedi, but would Luke and Han get a chance to be shown together again?

Mark Hamill has been confirmed to reprise his role as Luke in The Rise of Skywalker. Interestingly, several rumors have surfaced Han may make an appearance as well, although it’s hard to imagine Han actor Harrison Ford wanting to be involved.

These rumors indicate Han will not be resurrected; rather, he will appear in a force vision of Kylo Ren’s. It is not out of the realm of possibility both Han and Luke could appear together in that force vision, possibly even in the same scene. Unfortunately, this might be the closest that we get to having any original trilogy cast members appear together.

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The much-anticipated end to the Skywalker saga hits theaters on December 20, 2019. Hopefully, we will have all our questions answered.