Star Wars leak: Potential Episode IX concept art shared


Potential leaked concept art images have surfaced for Star Wars: Episode IX. Lots of guesses on what they could mean, but we have our magnifying glasses on the case.

Warning: Potential Star Wars leaks ahead. Turn back if you don’t want to be spoiled.

Concept art is always fun to look at. Seeing the beginning of an idea to what winds up on screen is interesting as you see the steps it took to get to the final product.

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Concept art is great too because it provides a lot of insight and we might have gotten a peak at Star Wars: Episode IX concept art.

As leaks go this has the potential to be something, but in reality, it’s difficult to see.

A source shared a grainy image with Making Star Wars showing potential concept art. Admittedly, it’s hard to make out but that’s not stopping fans from trying to decipher would could be in the images.

Six images were shared that shows the concept photos taped to a wall. Most of them looked to be of scenes rather than people or characters, but there are some people in them as well.

So, what do these show?

While we can’t be sure and every thing is really just speculation, the vast amount of different scenes could very well be the Force Fight rumored where Kylo Ren and Rey fight through different scenes.

One of the locations could potentially be on Mustafar, Vader’s homestead, and other locations that are important to the Skywalkers, Kylo and Rey. There is one that looks like a lava-type planet and one that looks to be part of a desert. Other images seem to have more a city feel, but it’s difficult to make them out for sure.

View the images on Making Star Wars here. 

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What do you see in the images? Anything pop out to you?