Galaxy’s Edge vs. Tatooine: Which blue milk tastes better?


After Mark Hamill got real about the taste of Star Wars‘s most iconic drink, we can finally ask the hard question: how does the blue milk he drank compare to the stuff we can buy at Disneyland?

Forget lightsabers and binary sunsets. There are few things that scream Star Wars more than everyone’s favorite bantha-based concoction, blue milk. Remember that shot in Rogue One when the camera lingered on it in the middle of a dramatic scene just to remind the viewer that, yes, it’s Star Wars?

Luke Skywalker himself—the incomparably social media-adept Mark Hamill—recently tweeted what blue milk actually tastes like. You may even have seen his deliciously disgusting description floating around the Internet:

"Blue milk was “Long Life” milk (used by campers because no refrigeration is needed) w/ blue food coloring. Oily, warm & slightly sweet, it literally made me gag, but I was determined to drink it on-camera. It was an acting challenge to appear as though I enjoyed it."

Ew. Gross. But when you live on a desert planet mostly devoid of moisture, you drink what you gotta drink, I guess.

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Luckily for those who will probably never set foot on a planet where the banthas roam, Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge offers a (slightly) more feasible alternative. For the low, low price of an admission ticket to Disneyland and $7.99, you too can partake of Tatooine’s bounty. So how does the earthly version compare to blue milk from a galaxy far, far away (well, Tunisia)?

First, Galaxy’s Edge offers two milk-like drinks: blue milk and green milk (the latter no doubt reminiscent of the green stuff Luke memorably chugged in The Last Jedi, like the world’s grossest energy drink). They’re both frozen plant-based blends of rice and coconut milk, which already sounds better than what Hamill described.

Visitors have described the blue milk as slushy milk with light blueberry flavor. Others say it tastes like a pineapple-coconut slushie reminiscent of doodh soda (soda mixed with milk). Still others taste more flavors in the mix: perhaps pineapple, dragonfruit, and watermelon.

For those with a hankering for a drink that came from something a bit more exotic than a bantha, there’s also the green milk. People say it’s “a bit more adventurous” with a strong citrus flavor, including mandarin orange, passion fruit, grapefruit, and orange blossom. There’s also “a strong element that [is only described] as floral tasting.” Some people really like it; others are left with a weird taste in their mouth (literally).

Until you get a chance to check out Galaxy’s Edge personally, take the Internet’s for it: you’re likely to find blue milk a flavorful drink that tastes much better than the stuff Luke Skywalker once dutifully downed.

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Have you been to Galaxy’s Edge yet? What do you think of the blue milk? Tell us in the comments.