Star Wars Resistance receives Emmy nomination


Star Wars Resistance has received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Children’s Program.

With season one in the books and season two on the way, the incredible cast and crew of Star Wars Resistance are being recognized by the Emmy Awards.

Resistance is one of five shows to be nominated for Outstanding Children’s Program, the others being A Series Of Unfortunate Events, Carmen Sandiego, Song of Parkland, and When You Wish Upon A Pickle: A Sesame Street Special. Last year, Star Wars Rebels also received a nomination in this category, but the award ultimately went to The Magical Wand Chase: A Sesame Street Special.

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The range of shows nominated in this category in 2018 and 2019 alone demonstrate how loosely a “children’s program” can be defined. While some Star Wars fans criticized Resistance for being too geared toward children and not enough toward the adult audience, some undeniably dark stuff happens in the show.

After watching General Hux’s fascist speech, Kaz witnesses Starkiller Base’s destruction of Hosnian Prime and the Hosnian System, which kills his father and obliterates the New Republic government. The First Order kills many of the pirates they were working with after the pirates have no further use to them. Kel and Elia talk about Kylo Ren and the First Order wiping out their entire village.

Especially in its later seasons, Rebels dealt with some heavy or darker material as well. A Series Of Unfortunate Events–which was nominated in 2018 and has been nominated in 2019 again–isn’t exactly a kid’s show either as it follows three children who lose their parents in a fire and are then relentlessly pursued by Count Olaf, a villain determined to seize their fortune.

Sesame Street feels like it belongs in a different category than the likes of Resistance, Rebels, or A Series Of Unfortunate Events. Regardless, an Emmy recognizing the animation, humor, story, and everything else that makes Resistance work is well deserved. We’ll certainly be rooting for Resistance to win the Emmy and look forward to the debut of the show’s second season.

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