Star Wars: Thrawn: Treason: Plot details available for those curious


Star Wars: Thrawn: Treason is not due in stores for another few days, but if you want to find out about the book plot early you can thanks to an amazing fan.

It might not be on your list, but personally it is on mine. Star Wars: Thrawn: Treason is right up there as the number one highly anticipated book of the year.

Timothy Zahn has done an amazing job capturing the imagination of Star Wars fans with his epic origin stories of the Grand Admiral and I, along with many other fans, are looking forward to seeing how the story continues for the Chiss warrior.

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That moment, i.e., to find out what happens next, is only days away. Star Wars: Thrawn: Treason will be released on July 23 this year, but for fans who headed out to San Diego Comic Con the release date was brought forward.

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Prior to SDCC, Del Rey Books revealed the exclusive comic con cover for Star Wars: Thrawn: Treason and announced that fans would be able to get their hands on both a physical and audio copy of the book.

One fan shared on Reddit shared their SDCC copy of the book, but not only that, they offered those who where curious, details about what happens next in the book series.

So, if you can’t wait another couple of days and really want to find out what is going to happen. Visit the Reddit thread right here.

The original poster, KejsarePDX, is pretty much answering questions for those who have them. So, if you have a question about the plot that has not been asked feel free to ask away.

Obviously, this does mean plenty about the next story is being spoiled, so please, if you do not want any spoilers. Please do not read on.

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What do you think about this fan sharing the details aboutThrawn: Treason? Are you planning to get the book on July 23? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.