Star Wars: The Grysks are the next big bad and Thrawn will be back


Following Star Wars: Episode IX we have a brand new trilogy to look forward to and the odds are the Grysks being the next big bad and Thrawn being a major part of the story.

Before I get too far into this post, a quick heads up. I will be talking about some of the things that happened during Star Wars: Thrawn Treason, so if you have not managed to read the third Thrawn novel from Timothy Zahn, you may want to back out of the post now before I start talking about how the Grysks are potentially the next big bad.

OK. Now that everyone has had fair spoiler warning, let’s get into it.

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Both you and I know that after Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker, there are more movies to come. While the Skywalker saga may be over, Star Wars as a whole is definitely not. There are plenty more stories to come, with new characters, both good and bad, new ships, planets, etc.

With the First Order most likely to be defeated come the end of the next movie, a new big bad will need to established and thanks to Thrawn Treason, all odds are on the Grysks being just that. A race of creatures not yet seen on screen, they have been established as a fearsome foe in the Thrawn books.

At the very end of Thrawn Treason, which is set prior to A New Hope, both the Emperor and Darth Vader recognize the Grysks as an enemy to be dealt with, but not in the immediate future. This suggests that one day the Grysks would be a much lager threat.

Since that day has not yet arrived and the Star Wars franchise needs a new threat, the Grysks make the obvious choice. An unseen foe, but one established in canon novels is much easier to introduce than plucking a new enemy out of thin air and it also gives the franchise a chance to bring back another major character, or two.

Grand Admiral Thrawn and Ezra Bridger.

Photo credit: Del Rey Books

Currently, Thrawn’s whereabouts are unknown. Both he and Ezra are somewhere in the dark reaches of space, and could very well be dead, but equally very well alive.

So bringing them back is hardly beyond the realms of the imagination and considering Grand Admiral Thrawn is Chiss, who have a unique relationship with the Grysks, and he has fought them before in the Timothy Zahn novels, bring Thrawn into the story line again. He could be someone who can help whomever our heroes are fight the Grysks makes perfect sense. Ezra doesn’t really need to be brought back for this to work but if you brought one back you kinda need to bring the other since they where both together when they got lost.

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Of course, the problem with this idea is how exactly would Thrawn find his way back. Well, this is where Star Wars: Resistance would come into the picture. Again, spoiler warning to the end of the series. Stop reading now if you don’t want the ending ruined.

At the very end of Star Wars: Resistance, our heroes escape the First Order. But they aren’t sure where they’re headed because the coordinates have gotten messed up. Their destination could be where Thrawn and Ezra are.

This would bring all of the stories together, something Disney likes to do, and would bring the famous Chiss warrior back into the picture. Something fans have wanted for some time.

dark. Next. Should Star Wars follow in Marvel’s footsteps?

What do you think? Will the Grysks be the new big bad and will Thrawn be back? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.