Star Wars: Episode IX leaked pictures show reshoots are ahead of schedule


Leaked pictures of Star Wars: Episode IX have been shared and it shows the reshoots taken place are ahead of schedule which is nothing but good news.

Whenever I hear about reshoots I get nervous. I know they are common, especially in big budget movies, but they still make me really nervous as it could mean either filming is rushed and you end up with a badly made movie, or the release date is pushed back. So you can imagine my worry when I heard Star Wars: Episode IX was about to undergo reshoots.

Thankfully, Bespin Bulletin, who have been keeping a close eye on the progress of the reshoots has an update on the progress, along with new leaked pictures, and it is nothing but good news.

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You can see the new images right here. What they show is the filming sights at Black Park, England are pretty much clear now and no longer fenced off. Shots featuring the Falcon and an Orange X-Wing were reportedly filmed in this area, along with the sight being used for shoots of the jungle planet which is to feature.

Bespin Bulletin does point out that the reshoots, while finished in Black Park, England, are not completely finished yet. Reshoots are still scheduled to take place in the lake area of Black Park; the area used for snow and swamp locations. This is to happen sometime this month and i s expected to last only a few days.

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What is so brilliant about the update is how the reshoots are almost finished, way ahead of schedule. When it first became known that Star Wars: Episode IX was undergoing reshoots, it was expected to last until September.

That length of reshooting made me concerned that a delay in the release date could possibly happen, but not now. With them finishing ahead of schedule that worry is now no more.

If anything changes I’ll be sure to let you know, but it looks like we are all still could to see Sta Wars: Episode IX at the very end of the year.

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What do you think about the reshoots being almost complete? Where you, like me, concerned that there could be a delay? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.