Star Wars: Will Episode IX be long enough to address all questions?


We got a hint as to how long Star Wars: Episode IX will be and I have one question — is it enough?

While not a pressing question for Star Wars: Episode IX, one fans still have is how long will the movie be. With everything the Skywalker Saga needs to wrap up in the final movie, it certainly feels as though the movie should set a record for the longest run time.

However, we may have gotten a hint as to how long The Rise of Skywalker will be. But is it enough?

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Don Williams — John’s Williams’ brother — was at The Academy of Scoring Arts where he revealed what his brother was working on for Episode IX.

Williams said his brother has “135 minutes worth of minutes to write.”

The equates to 2 hours and 15 minutes. If you put together the non-music parts, the movie may be 2 1/2 hours or slightly longer. But Don also said, “It’s top to bottom music,” which indicates just about all of the movie will be scored.

You can watch the full interview here.

I’m not one to want to sit in a theater for much longer than two hours. No one’s going to pause it when I need a break. However, I also want a good movie that will tackle all of my burning questions and bring closure to a story that got re-opened with The Force Awakens.

Will it be enough?

There is so much to take in in Episode IX with Rey’s parentage, Kylo’s rise to the Supreme Leader, the return of the Emperor, the First Order trying to take over the galaxy, and so much more. There has to be enough time to address the big issues.

Jumping from place to place without tackling the larger story could slog down a movie. However, I’m putting my trust into J.J. Abrams that he won’t need six hours to wrap it up. Yet, I was expecting more of a three-hour film. I would have even taken a Part 1 and a Part 2 if it meant that was the best way to complete the story.

For now, indications are that we are looking at least 135 minutes.

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What do you think? Is 2.5 hours enough to wrap up the Skywalker Saga?