Star Wars: Why is John Boyega teasing us like this?


John Boyega teases us with Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker logo. What does it all mean?

As we sit here and wait ever so patiently for new info on Star Wars: Episode IX, John Boyega has decided to tease the fans a little bit.

On his Instagram, he posted an image of the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker logo. That’s it. That was the whole post.

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It could mean absolutely nothing, but it could mean something is coming.

Thanks for teasing us, John. We all needed a reason to jump around and find the hidden meaning behind the IG post.

What are the possibilities? There are a few.

Maybe a trailer is coming

As part of the greatest franchise in movie history, Boyega could just be excited about what’s to come from the Skywalker Saga finale. I remember watching the video of his reaction to The Force Awakens trailer. 

It was utterly amazing. I got pumped for him. I had tears in my eyes because his excitement was contagious.

Maybe he just saw the trailer for Episode IX and this was the easiest and best way for him to share his excitement without spoilers.

EW may be coming with its articles

This is the time of year where Entertainment Weekly released its magazine issues on TFA and The Last Jedi. So we are on the lookout for that again.

As one of the few main actors in Star Wars with a social media account, Boyega is in the unique position to help promote the movie to his followers. This could be a way to get the hype going right before the magazine issue releases to keep the momentum going.

It could mean nothing

Maybe Boyega just wanted to remind everyone there is a movie coming later this year — as if we could forget.

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What do you think Boyega’s post could be alluding to? Hit the comments and take a wild guess.