Is Captain Phasma really dead? Her appearance in Star Wars Resistance season 2 explained


Does Captain Phasma’s appearance in the Star Wars Resistance Season 2 trailer mean she’s actually still alive?

Here we are again with more (false?) hope that Captain Phasma may have survived her epic fight with Finn after all in Star Wars.

It’s been 99.9% confirmed that Phasma will not return in The Rise of Skywalker — especially since the release of a deleted scene from The Last Jedi makes it hard to argue her demise (even for those of us who would physically die of happiness if it turned out she was alive).

John Boyega claims his character’s nemesis is no more. Gwendoline Christie’s name is absent from the film’s IMDb page (though that technically doesn’t mean much at this point — side note, WHO ARE YOU DOMINIC MONAGHAN??).

And let’s be honest. As amazing of a film character as Phasma could have been, she was mostly used to develop Finn’s character. Once that happened, she really had no other purpose in the larger plot of the trilogy. A tragedy, truly.

In the words of Boyega: “She dead.”

But if that’s the case … why does Phasma appear in the trailer for the second and final season of Star Wars Resistance?

Despite Phasma’s supposed demise on the big screen, her character (and Christie) still made multiple appearances in the first season of the First Order-era animated series.

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She makes another appearance in the above trailer, meaning she’ll be back once more. But this most likely doesn’t change the character’s fate.

The second and final season of the show is set to take place during and after The Last Jedi. Fans are speculating that the events that make up these episodes will lead directly into The Rise of Skywalker, and will explain why Season 2 is its last.

Since Phasma remains alive for most of The Last Jedi, it’s safe to assume any appearances of her throughout Resistance Season 2 occur earlier in the timeline, before her battle with Finn.

There’s still a 0.01% chance this is all one big cover-up and our dearest Chrome Dome will return for one final film. Though it’s hard to predict how JJ Abrams would use her at this point.

There’s already enough the film has to address in less than three hours to wrap up a 40+-year storyline. Getting rid of underutilized characters, in this context, actually makes sense.

However, we wouldn’t be upset if Phasma (and Christie) returned to the screen at some point — perhaps in a Disney+ adaption of Delilah S. Dawson’s novel? PLEASE?

Until then, you can find a little bit more of Phasma in this fantastic issue of Age of Resistance, in which we see Phasma at her most ruthless. Bring. It. On.

And for those who are heartbroken that we’ve seen the last of her — hold on to your hope. You never know where (and when) she might appear next.

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Star Wars Resistance returns to Disney Channel this October.