EA announce The Rise of Skywalker content for Battlefront II


As Gamescom gets underway in Cologne, EA took the opportunity to announce what is to come before the end of the year for their Star Wars shooter.

While the initial launch in 2017 was mired in controversy, EA’s dedication to supporting Battlefront II post-launch is something to be admired.

Nearly two years after it’s release, those dedicated to the title are being treated to another round of content. At Gamescom, one of Europe’s premiere gaming expos, EA detailed the games road map over the next four months.

The headline here is that the title will be receiving based on The Rise of Skywalker. Both The Last Jedi and Solo received the Battlefront II treatment. However, it is somewhat surprising to see the publisher opt to release content based on the upcoming film, given they have Jedi: Fallen Order released only weeks before. Details on what this update will entail are scarce, mainly to avoid potential spoilers. In a lengthy post to the Battlefront II community forum, the team stated:

"“While we don’t want to go into the exact specifics (no spoilers!), we can confirm that we will be building a new planet and some new reinforcements based on the conclusion to the galaxy-spanning Skywalker Saga.”"

If I were to speculate, I would suggest that the recently unveiled Sith Troopers will be making their way into the title.

Other notable points on the road map include the planet of Felucia. Announced earlier this year, the map will be made available next month. Two new modes will also be making their debuts this coming September. A cooperative PvE mode, which allows up to four players complete missions on Clone Wars based maps, and a single player mode called “Instant Action”. Instant Action will drop you into a large scale map populated by enemy and friendly AI, forgoing the need to head online.

Finally, Clone Troopers were confirmed to be heading onto the Battlefront. Clone Troopers were, of course, the focal point of 2005s criminally underrated Republic Commando, as well as featured somewhat in The Clone Wars series. It’s great to see them included in the game. Further detail regarding the titles roadmap can be found here.

While I, personally, haven’t been interested in the title since its initial launch, I’m glad it’s being given the support required for those dedicated to it. I may well dive back in once the year is out to see how things have changed and, hopefully, will be given an experience worthy of the series.

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