Star Wars: It’s a good thing all the characters are under one roof


Could you if imagine Disney didn’t own the rights to all of the Star Wars characters? Thankfully, it is not in that mess.

As much criticism Disney and Lucasfilm have faced in recent years, I couldn’t help but feel lucky knowing all of the important Star Wars characters are under one umbrella.

Seeing the news that Sony and Marvel and essentially pulling Spider-Man away from Marvel was a bit crazy. Without a deal in place, Spider-Man won’t be made with Marvel Studios anymore. So, all that happened in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Peter Parker may never get resolved.

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As long as another deal doesn’t come together.

It got me thinking about Star Wars. Could you imagine if legacy characters were with one studio while the current Lucasfilm tried to re-build Star Wars. It’s kind of doing that right now, trying to build the same galaxy around new characters.

However, it needs the legacy charcters to sheppherd in the older generation. The biggest marketing visual for The Force Awakens was Han Solo and Chewbacca aboard the Millennium Falcon with Harrison Ford uttering, “Chewie we’re home.”

While there are some stark differences between the Spider-Man debacle and anything that could have happened with Lucasfilm, it’s still one of the moments where I’m thankful that anything related to the franchise is under the same roof.

It would be as if George Lucas sold the naming rights to Disney, but only licensed out the Luke, Leia and Han to House of Mouse.

Having to pick and choose characters for storylines, and then having to abandon them halfway through because a studio owns the rights to that characters is just mind numbing.

There are a lot of rightfully upset fans about this.

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At least this is one issue Star Wars fans won’t have to worry about.