Star Wars: Episode IX: Leaked footage shows Rey on a dangerous mission


D23 is chock full of information with a little new footage and info for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Here’s a breakdown of the 10-second tease.

The footage lasted just about 10 seconds, but it’s the first thing we have seen since the teaser released for Star Wars: The Rise of Skwyalker at Star Wars Celebration.

Warning: Potential spoilers ahead. So if you don’t want to see more, head back now.

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The footage came from Twitter user @sleemo_, who gave us the 10 seconds of The Rise of Skywalker footage. It was since removed due to copyright issues, but here is everything that happened.

  • Kylo Ren with slightly extended footage throwing down what looks like a member of the Knights of Ren. The clip seems to go slightly deeper than TROS teaser.
  • Poe Dameron (who looks like he had a haircut) looking in charge of the Resistance forces. He is dressed less for flying, but he looks very thoughtful into what is going on around him at what is presumed to be a Resistance base.
  • Rey in the desert, staring at her coming foe. We saw this in the teaser trailer.
  • Finn looking above him. He looks as though he is inside a ship or a base, and he hears something above him outside of where he is. It’s ominous.
  • Rey is talking about a mission with Finn that they have to go one — a dangerous one. In the midst of their chatt, a clip is shown of Kylo Ren in a white room and looking at the Darth Vader helmet.
  • Rey and company looking at the remains of the Death Star from a great vantage point.
  • Rey and Chewbacca in the Millennium Falcon cockpit with Finn and Poe walking in. These are our hereoes.

That’s the full 10 seconds. Before it’s gets taken down, you can see the clip here on Reddit where everything lives forever.

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What do you think of the footage. Did you spot anything we missed?