D23 Special Look: Star Wars Twitter’s reactions are almost as good as the footage

Photo: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.. key art.. 2019 Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
Photo: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.. key art.. 2019 Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved. /

Footage shown exclusively at D23 is now available for the internet to overanalyze. The Star Wars fandom has a lot of thoughts.

Ah, Star Wars Twitter — the place where artwork, memes, and fan theories run wild.

It’s also a great place to gauge how the fandom is feeling about big Star Wars-related announcements — like the second “teaser” for what just might be the most important film since the franchise began. (It’s not technically a teaser, but it sure teased us.)

You’ve seen the footage. Now here are the best Twitter reactions — the thoughtful, the funny, and the totally relatable (#CantWorkTooHyped).

The return of Mister Bones

For those unfamiliar with Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath trilogy, Mister Bones is a modified B1 battle droid who (basically) wants nothing more than the destruction of all living things that are not Snap Wexley (his “maker”) and his loved ones and/or allies.

All you need to know: Violence is his specialty. Given the opportunity, he will not hesitate to perform it. To the death.

As seen in the Poe Dameron comic, Snap has the ability to upload Mister Bones’ programming to other droids. Those droids will then take on the personality of our murderous metal friend and proceed to destroy any and all threats in the vicinity, most likely while humming or singing.

So basically, if C-3PO took on the programming of Mister Bones, he would be used as a weapon.

Keep in mind that we’ve already seen this happen. Well … sort of. That punny scene in Attack of the Clones might make you roll your eyes, but we could see 3PO in battle again. Except this time, he might not be so remorseful about attempting to murder every enemy in sight.

Seeing red

While we’re still on the subject of our dear Golden Boy, there’s definitely been foreshadowing going on ever since The Force Awakens. First the red arm, now the red eyes. Is 3PO really going to turn into a ruthless organic-killing machine? And if so … who’s going to have to be the one to stop him?

More importantly, IS HE GOING TO MAKE IT OUT OF THIS MOVIE ALIVE? Probably not.

Dark Rey’s revenge

A callback to Jakku, when Rey was forced to scavenge for “portions” of food in order to survive.

She’s still not over it.

Palpatine’s backup plan

Okay, here’s a very brief breakdown of what we’ll call Palpatine’s Plan.

Known formally as the Contingency, this set of instructions stated what should happen to the Empire in the event of the Emperor’s death. In a nutshell, once Palpatine was no more, the Empire was to be destroyed — except for a select few who would travel to the Unknown Regions to rebuild.

The idea was to break down the entire system and build it bigger and stronger than ever before.

Based on these visuals, it’s safe to say that mission was definitely accomplished.


Space battles are great. Space battles are classic Star Wars. There’s no way we could have had a movie as important as this one without an epic space battle.

Leave it to JJ to take this concept and multiply it by the HUNDREDS.

Where’s Waldo: Star Wars edition

There are plenty of people wondering where R2-D2 is, and honestly, J.J. is probably saving him for something epic — at this point, how could he not?

But he’s not the only one missing from this film’s marketing. While Kelly Marie Tran is alive and well — and absolutely wonderful — she has made plenty of appearances alongside other cast members, but we haven’t seen her in any teasers or footage … or posters … nothing.

Where is Rose? Probably off somewhere on her own side mission being awesome. We’ll just have to wait and see. Maybe she’ll show up in the full trailer later this fall.

As the weeks go on, fans are going to continue analyzing this footage frame by frame. We’ve already seen plenty of theories about who Dark Rey “really” is, and so much more.

For now, we’re just enjoying the memes.

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This footage is only the beginning of the end. What do you hope to see in the first official full-length trailer coming out this fall?