Star Wars: Did just reveal a big spoiler on Rey?

facebooktwitterreddit may have spoiled its own tease. Maybe it was mistake, but now the change it made looks suspicious when describing Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

As the Star Wars fandom was mesmerized by the sizzle reel from D23 Expo, the parent site might just have revealed a big spoiler.

Warning: If you are looking to stay spoiler free, then head back now.

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If you watched the sizzle reel, there were some new Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker clips. The one that caught the biggest attention was that of Rey holding a dual-sided red lightsaber.

While there have been several theories, it seems that may have revealed exactly what was going in that clip.

In a since deleted post, the clip was described as “the vision of Rey.”

That was since changed from “vision” to “sight.”

That’s a pretty big difference especially in the world of Star Wars. Visions have been a part of what characters’ deal with, especially Jedi and those who are tuned to the Force. Visions played a big part in Luke Skywalker’s journey especially when he envisioned himself as Darth Vader.

In The Clone Wars, there was even the visions or premonitions that Ahsoka dealt with. So visions are not out of the ordinary, but to automatically give it away — if has — is a really fasicnating mistake.

And it has to be a mistake.

Because there is no way J.J. Abrams would have allowed something like that to get through as he knew that scene with Rey would create the exact type of buzz that it did.

Even if the writer used a synonym for “sight” with “vision,” it’s a pretty significant word that became even all the more important once it was changed.

Want to see the full changes? Check out this article by Esquire.

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The Rise of Skywalker premieres December 20.