Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker: Top 5 moments from the D23 teaser

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Star Wars: Episode IX; Reylo
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2. Rey and Kylo’s End

Rey and Kylo have a connection. A strong connection.

They sensed it in The Force Awakens and they acknowledged and embraced it in The Last Jedi, actively speaking to each other through the Force (with help from Snoke) and teaming up to defeat Snoke and his guards in an awesome fight scene.

In the first trailer, we saw a TIE fighter, likely belonging to Kylo, speed after Rey, who clears it in one fell swoop. But since the fighter isn’t shooting at Rey, it might suggest that the two are training together, with Kylo teaching Rey, which he has desired to do previously.

In the D23 footage, we see Rey and Kylo fight on top of wreckage of the Death Star suspended in rough waters. In a recently revealed poster, Kylo and Rey look as if they are engaged in battle with Palpatine in the background, potentially suggesting his meddling in their relationship. There’s a lot going on between the two and we really have no way of knowing which way Episode IX will take their relationship.

Their connection is both conflicting and oddly endearing. Each have attempted to pull the other to their side without avail, yet I would argue that neither considers the other their true enemy.

For Rey, it was Snoke, and for Kylo, both Luke and Snoke. Now that both are gone, will Rey and Kylo turn on each other? Will they switch places, with Kylo going to the light and Rey falling to the dark? Will they team up and lead the galaxy into peace or into chaos?

No matter what happens, Rey actress Daisy Ridley has said that Rey and Kylo’s (or Rylo, for some fans) ending will be “satisfying,” so fans should be excited for whatever comes our way.