A new Star Wars fan live-tweeted her first time watching A New Hope and we’re in love


Someone who had never seen a single Star Wars movie decided to live-tweet her experience — and the thread is bringing the whole fandom together.

Do you remember where you were when you saw a Star Wars movie for the first time? This Twitter user always will. She watched two movies, went to bed, and woke up to thousands of new Twitter followers. The Star Wars fandom is alive and well.

Miranda, or Mar (@vibeswithcisco) is obviously already a Marvel and Harry Potter fan. Her Twitter cover photo is the Marvel Studios logo, and her bio reads “honestly, am i the only person who’s ever bothered to read hogwarts, a history”.

But now she’s diving deep into the Star Wars fandom — as she should.

She started off by doing something she has never done before: Watching A New Hope, followed by The Empire Strikes Back.

Mar decided to live-tweet her thoughts as she watched both movies for the first time. And both threads are absolutely delightful.

This apparently all started because she hopped on the Reylo train and never looked back.

Fellow Reylos and Star Wars fans alike begged her to watch the movies, since before this point SHE HAD NEVER SEEN A SINGLE ONE. That poor soul. She had no idea what she’d been missing.

And so, the first thread began — and just kept getting better as it went along.

This goes on for hours. Clearly, since she decided to watch two movies back to back. That’s a lot to take in for a first-timer. Not sure if she regrets it though.

Oh, girl. You have no idea. Well, you do now. But you didn’t then. This tweet alone is making the entire Star Wars community fall in love with the franchise all over again.

Remember how it felt to watch a Star Wars movie for the first time and refuse to get up even for a second in case you missed something? My brother left the theater to go pee in the middle of The Last Jedi and had to ask me why they were on Canto Bight. BOY IF YOU’D JUST STAYED.

When it was all tweeted and done, mar thanked the community at large for treating her so kindly as she experienced Star Wars for the first time in front of the entire internet.

If you could live-tweet a first-time viewing of every Star Wars movie and TV show from here on out, that’d be great.

May the Force Be With You — and welcome to the Star Wars family.

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Do you remember your first time seeing A New Hope? Share your fond memories below.