Star Wars: The next 100 days: Everything happening before The Rise of Skywalker

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October 6: Star Wars: Resistance Season 2

When it comes to animated television shows, Star Wars and all involved really seem to know what they are doing. Both The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels were huge hits with audiences, and Resistance has turned into quite a delightful adventure despite early uncertainty among older fans.

The second season of Disney’s animated children’s show — set around the events of The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi — will be the perfect weekly “snack” to hold you over until grand feasts like The Mandalorian and Episode IX.

Resistance follows the adventures of a young Resistance spy sent to a remote location to keep an eye out for suspicious First Order activity. The first season ended with a major twist, hooking fans who’d been skeptical of the show in its early days.

Disney has also announced this will be the final installment of the short-lived series. The final episodes will reportedly help to “set up” and possibly lead directly into The Rise of Skywalker, though not much is being said about the specifics.

Though it might seem worrisome, the show didn’t actually get “canceled” in the sense that they had to stop production because of poor performance or anything like that. It was actually a story-driven decision to finish the show at the end of the season.

Whether or not this was planned from the beginning isn’t clear. What we do know is that the show is likely to only get better in its final stretch.