Star Wars: The next 100 days: Everything happening before The Rise of Skywalker

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October: A trailer and a ticket

Based on how promotion and sales for The Last Jedi played out, the internet has guessed that both the first full-length trailer for The Rise of Skywalker and tickets for the film will hit around the same time — if not simultaneously — in mid-October.

The Last Jedi’s first full trailer premiered during halftime of a Monday Night Football game on October. There is really no reason why they wouldn’t repeat this tactic. And hey, it gets people like me to turn a football game on. Everybody wins!

At this point, we haven’t gotten a full trailer yet. Star Wars Celebration Chicago gave us our first teaser (the one featuring Rey flipping over the mysterious fighter). D23 gave us basically another teaser with a compilation of footage from all previous movies in addition to the upcoming saga finale. Dark Rey is still a hot topic of conversation, as she will continue to be long after the film’s end credits roll.

What do we want to see in this trailer? Probably more footage of Finn and Poe, C-3PO, R2-Where-R-U-D2, and maybe Rose (please!) along with snapshots of newer characters. And as much as we say we hate being deceived, there has to be at least one more jaw-dropping moment to take our collective excitement through the roof … right?

Will ticket pre-sales break records and websites? Absolutely. There are a lot of Star Wars fans who wouldn’t miss opening weekend whether they liked The Last Jedi or not. Some of you reading this have been to every opening weekend since 1977. Let’s keep the tradition going!