Star Wars: 5 epic moments from The Mandalorian trailer

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Star Wars The Mandalorian
Taika Waititi is IG-11 in the Disney+ series THE MANDALORIAN. /


Step aside K-2SO and L3-37, there is a new droid in town and it is not playing games. IG-11 steals the show but let’s not get him confused with IG-88 from Empire Strikes Back.

IG-11 is the unmistakable fourth class droid, “also known as fourth-degree droids, were droids skilled in security and military functions.”

The Wookieepedia page elaborates that, “models included the B2 super battle droid and the KX-series security droid.” What makes IG-11 so threatening beyond the capability of using multiple weapons at once is that he is an assassin droid.

Droids have always had interesting roles in Star Wars. While some are protocol droids, others astromech, some will attack without thinking twice.

The moment that grabbed my attention was when the trailer revealed that IG-11 could literally shoot in multiple directions without having to necessarily turn around. This makes him far more deadly than I would want any droid to be. He’s lean, tall and far from the adorable nature R2-D2 easily pulls off.

We catch a glimpse of him again standing next to the Mandalorian, which could either mean they will be working together on a job or having no choice but to work together before inevitably being rival bounty hunters once again.

Are rival bounty hunters a thing? Or do they work in teams? Perhaps that too will be addressed because I’d like to know if alliances would interfere with their job.

Did I mention that IG-11 will be voiced by Taika Waititi? Now you know.