Star Wars: 5 epic moments from The Mandalorian trailer

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Star Wars The Mandalorian
Scene from the Disney+ series THE MANDALORIAN. /


Though it was only for a few brief seconds, seeing the Mandalorian’s captured criminals and scoundrels of the galaxy frozen in carbonite was an excellent call back to The Empire Strikes Back.

If you look closely there seems to be at least four captured and frozen in the carbonite as the bounty hunter walks away having probably been paid and is either off to go on another job or take the night off.

Either way, my immediate response was somewhere between an overly excited cheer or an impressed nod and grin. Keep in mind I am unfamiliar with the Mandalorians outside of the Star Wars film franchise and admittedly the Star Wars Holiday Special.

Having watched Han Solo being frozen in this interesting substance, nearly frozen in time all together was horrifying. This made his rescue in Return of the Jedi all the more joyous.

Upon doing a little more digging on the whole carbonite process, Wookieepedia aided me once again with the following interesting fact, “Before the invention of the hyperdrive, some early spacers would use carbonite to endure long voyages. That technique, however, had brutal side effects, collectively referred to as hibernation sickness.”

This cruel process almost makes you feel bad for the bad guys in question. Almost. This does beg the question, how do we know that everyone on a wanted list is the villain and not the person paying the bounty hunter?

I don’t think that is something a bounty hunter would question as long as they received payment.