Star Wars: 5 epic moments from The Mandalorian trailer

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The Mandalorian. Photo credit: Lucasfilm /

The Soundtrack

As with any television show or film trailer, the music plays just as an important part as the scenes fans are watching. Sometimes the music works well with the source material other times it misses the mark.

Thankfully the music used for The Mandalorian trailer is a perfect choice. The music has a slow build-up that grows louder with each second. At the same time, we are shown dazzling and detailed mostly silent scenes.

The louder the music gets the more intense the trailer grows.

It’s smooth intro and outro give The Mandalorian a very wild west in space theme. Which is actually perfect considering many will have to start at the bottom to rebuild their old societies. This could mean the very scum and villainy in the galaxy will resurface. Imagine that.

Composer and record producer Ludwig Goransson will be composing the score. He can now add Star Wars to his ever-growing resume that includes Black Panther, We’re the Millers and the upcoming Christopher Nolan film Tenet.

It would be nice to hear a score become as memorable as The Force Theme, Princess Leia’s Theme or Across the Stars. However, I do not imagine the score to be elegant or graceful throughout the series. Perhaps during a flashback scene or a dramatic event.

I highly recommend listening to the trailer music on its own on YouTube. There are several videos including this one. Listen to it without watching the trailer and see what kind of stories you can imagine with the bounty hunter, IG-11 and the enemies there are bound to face.