Star Wars: Rose Tico starting to show up on Episode IX merch — FINALLY!


Where is Rose Tico if she’s supposed to be in Star Wars: Episode IX? Looks like she’s finally showing up in some promo materal. What took so long?

Rose Tico has been noticeably absent from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker promo material. It initially led people to wonder if she was even in the film.

But she was at Star Wars Celebration for the teaser and title reveal – and then nothing again While she had a large role in The Last Jedi, the relegation of her status has been a bit off. It isn’t until this week that a small pic of Star Wars merch has finally put Rose with the rest of the cast.

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The image comes from Star Wars News Net.

We even got unknown ambiguous aliens before we got a glimpse of Rose Tico. (Sorry Klaud!)

I’m not even going to say her role was controversial in The Last Jedi. Some fans enjoyed her character. Others didn’t. The latter group was the most vocal and it pushed Kelly Marie Tran off social media because of the negative comments she received.

But even if that is the case, it makes no sense as to why Lucasfilm has kept her under wraps – unless Tran requested it for fear of more backlash.

Yet, if it that was the case, she wouldn’t have gone to Celebration – where she got a heartwarming cheer – or D23. Granted those feel like safe places for her, but it feels like she has been ignored and that’s unfortunate.

The likelihood she is a supporting character in the final film is high. She had a massive role in Episode VIII, but she is not one of the core four the film has been centered on.

Her character and representation matter to fans. Perhaps not all fans, but that’s OK. In a franchise as rich and deep as Star Wars, you can love one character and never want to see another one grace your screen again.

If you are a fan of Rose Tico, at least there is a new comic to give you more background on her relationship with her sister. I haven’t read it, but I’ve heard tissues are warranted.

Now, where the heck is R2-D2?

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Star Wars: Episode IX premieres worldwide on December 20.