Star Wars: Comic writer says some fans might not like a story; let the creators create


The Rise of Kylo Ren writer says some Star Wars fans might not like what’s to come in comic miniseries. But we don’t need warning labels.

We’re going to get the background to what turned Ben Solo into Kylo Ren this December. The Rise of Kylo Ren Star Wars comic will offer plenty of background and information to finally fill in all the details of what got him there.

The story is the story. But we’re at a point where fans’ emotions have to be tempered. Perhaps it’s been like this for some time – creators know everyone won’t love what they make – but now everything comes with a warning.

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Charles Soule, the writer of the upcoming comic miniseries, was recently at FanExpo Toronto. grabbed some quotes from him where he spoke about the upcoming book.

Writing in such a big franchise that is already rich with lore comes with limitations but also expectations. It also comes with the opportunity to leave a mark on something so magnificent.

Yet, now everything seems to come with a warning label.

Soule said:

"“You know, sometimes Star Wars stories are like telling a great story and having a great time playing in this sandbox,” he said. “And other times, Star Wars jobs are like ‘OK, we’ll give you an incredibly key piece of the overall mythology that you have to nail.’ You guys would not be very happy with me if I screw this up. And everyone here might not be very happy with the choices that I made.”"

It’s his last line where he points out that not everyone may be happy with the choices made for Ben’s downfall. That has felt like a given no matter what is created anywhere. It doesn’t have to be specifically Star Wars, but any medium from movies and TV show to comics and books – any type of art.

Some will like it. Some won’t.

It just feels stronger now given the backlash of fandoms when something doesn’t go as planned. We saw especially in Star Wars with The Last Jedi. We saw it with Game of Thrones among other franchises.

The key is here for creators to create without fear of reprisal. If we are chasing them out of certain fandoms or we find they are careful to do certain things, we might miss out on something amazing.

I’m not saying that’s the case here, but it feels that we could be leaning in that direction.

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Star Wars The Rise of Kylo Ren is set to hit comic shops on December 18.