The 10 best Star Wars-themed Saturday Night Live skits

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Star Wars Toy Commercial

Dec. 12, 2015

Gotta protect those Star Wars toys!

Toys from the early Star Wars movies are collector’s items now — and adults aren’t quick to forget it.

A mock 2015 “SNL” commercial features interplay between younger and older Star Wars fans. The children want to play with their toys. The adults want to look at them housed in the original packaging.

“Leave them in the box and never touch them!” one of the adults (Bobby Moynihan) says.

Meanwhile, another man (Kyle Mooney) admits he has three of each toy — “one to display, one to open, and one just in case.”

“Why?” a boy asks him.

One of the youngsters asks an adult collector a personal, cutting question.

“Does your wife like toys too?” Ooh.

Meanwhile, Moynihan’s middle-aged fan uses his mouth to blow dust away from a Kylo Ren figure and puts it in his display case as the children watch on.

“Awesome!” he says, giving a thumbs up.

The kids don’t feel the same way. Why bother collecting the toys if you’re not going to play with them? Maybe in 30 years or so they’ll understand.

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What are you favorite Star Wars skits from Saturday Night Live?