The 10 best Star Wars-themed Saturday Night Live skits

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Shop at Home Network: Mark Hamill 

March 15, 1997

This is one hot item.

A memorable and silly “Shopping at Home Network” skit from 1997 shows Don West (Will Ferrell) and his sidekick Andy Lewis (Chris Kattan) selling Star Wars items.

Unfortunately the Jawa ashtrays are sold out … but Star Wars baseball cards are still available, including Chewbacca as a Milwaukee Brewers second baseman (the fake brand “Binnacle” is a play off of the 1990s cardmaker Pinnacle).

Then it’s time to present the “ultimate Star Wars collectible” — a handcuffed Mark Hamill.

“Apparently we kidnapped him and forced him at gunpoint, which allows us to sell him,” Don says.

They set the price at $80,000 — a steal from his supposed $100,000 value.

“If you’re at home, you can make your own Star Wars sequels with a camcorder,” Andy says.

And this is the real deal.

“I know last year we sold a Hamill that turned out to be a Bruce Boxleitner,” Don says, referencing the “Babylon 5” and “Tron” actor.

The TV salesmen and callers pepper Hamill with catchphrases, none of which turn out to be his own famous movie sayings.

“May the force be with you.”

“Luke, I am your father.”

And then they ask Hamill questions.

Is C3PO gay? What was Yoda really like?

Eventually a famous, familiar voice calls in from Hollywood to buy Hamill. While Hamill is sold out, R2D2 actor Kenny Baker is next — for $3,000.