Star Wars Resistance confirms openly gay couple on the show


Star Wars Resistance has an openly gay couple on the show marking the likely the first type of couple on screen in the Star Wars universe.

As we get closer to the premiere of Star Wars Resistance Season 2, some interesting news came out ahead of the show.

Executive producer Justin Ridge told the Coffee with Kenobi podsast that Flix and Orka are an openly gay couple on the animated series.

He said:

"“I think it’s safe to say they’re an item, absolutely,” Ridge tells press. “They’re absolutely a gay couple and we’re proud of that. We love Flix and Orka.”"

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Listen to the full podcast here.

Hooray for inclusion! Though if you were watching Star Wars Resistance, you probably picked up on this already. Having said that, it’s good that the Star Wars folks aren’t talking around it and admit that Flix and Orka are gay.

In the Aftermath novel series, which is considered canon, Chuck Wendig included a gay character as well. And Donald Glover’s Lando Calrissian was said to be pansexual though that side was never explored in Solo.

It’s a nice start, I guess. Though it would be better if there were characters who got more screen time that were LGBT. It’s space. The types of relationships that could be had are boundless and yet it only took until 2018 to get the first gay couple onscreen.

It’s a nice step for portraying people (humans and aliens alike) in how they are. But throwing it into the background with a couple of side characters seems like the tiniest step that could be taken. More like a crawl.

It’s also telling that it has to be pointed out that these characters are gay and such a big deal is being made about it. Even EW wrote about it. It will be nice when the day comes that a non-heterosexual couple exists and they just are.

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Star Wars Resistance premieres October 6 on Disney XD at 6 pm ET.