Star Wars: John Boyega calls for calm over The Rise of Skywalker trailer


Star Wars fans are beginning to get frustrated about when, if ever, the next trailer for The Rise of Skywalker will be released and John Boyega is calling for calm.

If you have been following Star Wars news closely this past week, we could potentially be seeing a new The Rise of Skywalker trailer. I say potentially, because it could also be next Monday, Oct. 21, or some other time this month, or not at all this month.

Conflicting reports have been released over when Star Wars plans to release the next trailer. Initial reports emerged thanks to what would be considered a reliable source that the trailer would drop during a Monday Night Football Broadcast on ESPN.

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Shortly after, reports then began to emerge that this was not the case. Instead, the trailer would come out the following week on Monday, Oct. 21; again, from a reliable source. Understandably, fans are beginning to get frustrated and John Boyega is hoping to calm the impeding storm.

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The Star Wars actor sent out via his official twitter account the following messages:

Boyega’s message neither confirms nor denies any of the proposed release dates. It still very well could be today, or next week, or never, but the point being made by Boyega is to just let it happen. It will arrive when it is ready.

Considering the Oct. 14 release date began because of Boyega’s agent it’s fitting that it is Boyega calling for calm among the Star Wars fandom.

More and more fans are starting to think next Monday, Oct. 21, will most likely be the release. Today has all been all about the Disney+ streaming service. The streaming platform announced everything set to be added as of release date.

Another reason why Oct. 21 is more likely is Carrie Fisher. The late actresses’ birthday is Oct. 21. Disney is poetic in how it does things. Releasing the next trailer on her birthday would be an extremely nice touch.

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What do you think is going? Will the new The Rise of Skywalker be released today, next week, or some other time? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.