Star Wars Resistance: Tam’s choices nearly destroy the Colossus

Picking the First Order means turning your back on the world you knew. That’s a lesson Tam is learning the hard way on Star Wars Resistance.

Tam has a serious choice to make very soon on Star Wars Resistance.

She’s beginning to realize the depths of evil and destruction the First Order is willing to go to when she puts Kaz, Yeager and the rest of the Colossus in danger and on the brink of death in this week’s episode.

Tam finally listens to Kaz’s message. She’s interrupted by Rucklin who tells her that needs to turn it in. She does so, seemingly reluctantly, and puts the First Order on the tail of the Colossus.

The Colossus made it to D’Qar, but that was long after the battle that saw the destruction of many Resistance forces. However, they couldn’t escape because the Colossus was out of coaxium for the hyperdrive. Kaz suggested getting the coaxium left on a downed First Order dreadnaught so the Colossus could make its next jump.

Kaz and the pirates headed to the ship. While they were plundering the dreadnaught, the First Order deciphered the code sent to Tam and managed to pinpoint its location to the D’Qar – thanks to Tam.

The First Order got there while the pirates and Kaz were still on the ship and a skirmish commenced with the First Order and the Aces pilots.

Kaz and Neeku got the coaxium, but not before the Colossus took on damage.

All the while Tam watched the fight since Tierny wanted her to stick around and see what her allegiance to the First Order means. Tierny can tell that Tam wasn’t comfortable with what was going on.

While the First Order is good at fighting, it’s also good at psychological warfare. Tierny is playing with Tam, keeping her by tethered to her in order to gain valuable information. Once Tam is out of ways to help the First Order, I can’t help but think the mechanic will be headed for an airlock instead of a cockpit.

There are a few things that has Tam on edge. First, it’s the attempt at killing her former friends. Even with all the mistakes Kaz made, he never would have chosen death over life. Then, there is the way she’s called by a number and has to wear a helmet that makes her look like everyone else.

On the Colossus, she was a person with friends and a name people knew. She was a real person with feelings. In the First Order, she’s just a number. This will all come to a head soon as the cracks are beginning to show more and more with Tam.

Kaz did receive some good news while on the way to D’Qar. His family is actually alive and didn’t die when the First Order destroyed Hosnian Prime. They were off world at the time.

However, seeing that type of devastation hasn’t changed Kaz’s father. He doesn’t want Kaz to work with the Resistance, and in a mangled message tells Kaz that he has put the family in danger with antics.

The First Order is bad news and Kaz’s dad is all about self-preservation at this point rather than trying to preserve the galaxy.

A lot of people have of tough choices to make in coming episodes.

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Star Wars Resistance airs on Disney XD Sundays at 6 pm ET.


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