You can still enjoy Galaxy’s Edge even if the food doesn’t have ‘Star Wars’ names

Photo: Disneyland's Galaxy's Edge.. Image taken by Dork Side of the Force's Ryan Kunz
Photo: Disneyland's Galaxy's Edge.. Image taken by Dork Side of the Force's Ryan Kunz /

Galaxy’s Edge changed the way the names of food items are displayed on Docking Bay 7’s menu. Was there a reason — and is it that big of a deal to Star Wars fans?

The menu items at Docking Bay 7 at Galaxy’s Edge in Disney World have been changed from Star Wars-themed names to simpler titles.

And — surprising absolutely no one — plenty of fans were upset by these changes.

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Many took to social media to express their disappointment with the change, complaining that this move would make Galaxy’s Edge less “immersive.”

Never mind the fact that all cast members in this particular park act like Star Wars characters, you can literally pilot the Millennium Falcon, and building your own lightsaber is just one of many things you can do while visiting. You also can still pay with your food from Batuu currency, so there’s that.

Is most of the backlash just people overreacting? Of course it is.

It turns out this was a very minor change in menu design. Previously the menu listed the Star Wars name first, with the “regular” name in smaller font below it. This has now been switched. The Star Wars name is still there.

The menu online only has the “regular” names with the Star Wars names missing. The descriptions for both, however, remain the same.

There hasn’t been an official announcement explaining the reason behind this change, and it’s not yet clear why the change has only occurred at the park in Disney World while Docking Bay 7’s menu at Disneyland remains the same.

Many have been quick to make assumptions about the reasoning for this change — of course, without knowing any official reason, because there currently isn’t one.

There are some very likely explanations, however.

It may not be that people are too “lazy” to read a second “regular” name or descriptions on their provided menus. There have been reports that lines are so chaotic that it’s nearly impossible for some to figure out what they’re ordering without a clear food name listed first.

It’s also possible crowds could soon increase with the new ride coming at the end of the year, and officials are preparing for that as best they can.

Currently the park only has one ride. With two — and following The Rise of Skywalker — more may make the journey to Orlando.

Some fans and former cast members have also pointed out that Disney World has a large number of visitors whose first language isn’t English. The combination of the crowds and trying to interpret a menu written in English would make Star Wars-specific names like Endorian Tip-Yip that much harder.

Disney World is first and foremost about providing the best experience possible for all of its guests. Anything they can do to improve the quality of that experience — even something as small and simple as changing the order of names on a menu — they’re going to do it.

Galaxy’s Edge is just like any other theme park at Disneyland or Disney World. You can still enjoy your experience even if there are subtle reminders you’re still very much on Earth.

If you’re planning a trip to Galaxy’s Edge in the near or distant future, check out Docking Bay 7’s menu online before you go and plan out in advance what you’re going to order.

This way you can still enjoy your “immersive” experience without having to make too many choices in a crowded line in the middle of Batuu.

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