Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker setting franchise ticket records

Oscar Isaac is Poe Dameron, Daisy Ridley is Rey and Anthony Daniels is C-3PO in STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER
Oscar Isaac is Poe Dameron, Daisy Ridley is Rey and Anthony Daniels is C-3PO in STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER /

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is breaking ticket-sales record for the franchise. It’s on pace to pass The Force Awakens in sales and may even have a run at Avengers: Endgame.

First-day ticket sales were pretty good for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Well, more than just a good. It broke the first-day sales record for the franchise.

This news comes via Fandango, a leading online ticketing broker, via Deadline.

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It’s no surprise tickets are flying into the hands of fans. After 40-plus years, the culmination of one of the greatest stories will end. Tickets went on sale on Monday slightly head of the final trailer for Episode IX. Fans flocked to their ticketing site of choice and gobbled them up.

Even with backlash after The Last Jedi with a segment of the fan base unhappy with the direction of the movie, it hasn’t stopped and even slowed down sales.

Now, sales are so swift there is even a question if it will beat Avengers: Endgame, which owns the box office record for most sales all-time (without adjusted for inflation). By the way, The Force Awakens sits fourth on that list.

Why Avengers: Endgame and The Rise of Skywalker?

These two franchises have delivered fantastic stories that have kept fans enthralled for years – Marvel for a much shorter time. However, the culmination of the stories makes these movies a must-watch.

For years, if not decades, followed along, thinking about these characters and wondering how it will all end. Now, we will know and people don’t want to miss out.

Atom Tickets, another online ticketing outlet, reported similar news saying Episode IX beat out Avengers for the most tickets in the first hour of being on sale and wound up behind Avengers in first-day sales.

Regardless of where The Rise of Skywalker winds up, one thing is for sure is that fans are going to the movies to watch it and Disney is going to make a bunch of money off it.

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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters December 20 (with an early sneak peek on December 19).