15 greatest Star Wars rivalries of all time

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11. Han Solo and Qi’ra

You would think that being childhood slaves together would build an unbreakable bond, but unfortunately for Han and his love interest Qi’ra, things are little more complicated than that.

Qi’ra and Han grew up together on the streets on Corellia as slaves to the White Worms, a criminal organization led by Lady Proxima during the era where Imperial forces ruled the galaxy. Qi’ra and Han eventually became romantically committed to each other amidst their bleak and desperate lives and, when they’re older, decide to make a break for a better life together. Unfortunately for these star-crossed lovers, Qi’ra was captured at the Coronet Spaceport and tells Han to go on without her.

Living his life for the promise he made to Qi’ra to return, Han becomes a soldier and then a smuggler for Dryden Vos. Han reunites with Qi’ra, who has become a loyal emissary of Dryden’s organization Crimson Dawn assigned to help Han with his next mission to smuggle enough coaxium to sink a small planet. The mission is successful and Qi’ra even kills Dryden to save Han. But Qi’ra actually had her own political reasons for killing Dryden.

Qi’ra’s number one goal in life has always been to do what it takes to survive. With Dryden out of the picture, Qi’ra inherits a business promotion and abandons Han in the desert as she makes her way to Dathomir to meet with — that’s right — Darth Maul, the true leader of Crimson Dawn who is apparently very much alive.