15 greatest Star Wars rivalries of all time

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7. Luke Skywalker and Kylo Ren

Here’s that family discord again. Being Kylo’s uncle, Luke had originally intended to train Kylo (then known as Ben Skywalker) in the ways of the Jedi and did so at his Jedi temple. But as Ben got older, Luke began to sense an all-too-familiar darkness building up inside his nephew.

One night, Luke sneaks into Ben’s sleeping quarters and uses The Force to see inside Ben’s mind and heart. He foresaw Ben killing innocent people along with Han and Leah. As it turns out, Ben had been manipulated by Snoke and turned toward The Dark Side, set on becoming even more powerful than his grandfather, Darth Vader.

In a moment of “weakness,” Luke takes his lightsaber to kill Ben, but immediately regrets the decision. Unfortunately, Ben has already woken from his slumber and any chance of convincing Ben that Luke had good intentions and did not intend to betray him were pretty much out the window. Ben takes his own lightsaber and uses it against Luke, at the same time using the Force to bury Luke in rubble. Ben then helps Snoke to destroy Luke’s temple, just as Anakin murdered all the children of the Jedi Order way back when.

Luke lived in fear of Ben, now Kylo, for many years and swore to never train another Jedi, until he meets Rey. Kylo and Luke have a final battle where Kylo fires ammunition at Luke from his ship, not knowing it’s only an illusion meant to distract him. But this task utilizes all Luke’s energy and eventually leads to his demise.