Star Wars: Why does Disney keep hiding Hayden Christensen?


Hayden Christensen recently spent time at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, but you wouldn’t know it because the tweet was immediately taken down.

Apparently, Hayden Christensen recently visited Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge taking in all the sites and enjoying his time just as many actors and fans did before him.

Only you wouldn’t have known it if not for a few fans who spotted the tweet from Disneyland before it was removed — and then re-posted the next day. There was nothing crazy in the three images. It was just Hayden taking a few posed shots, including with a fan and inside the Millennium Falcon.

So what’s the big deal? Why does Disney keep cancelling Hayden Christensen?

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This isn’t the first time Christensen was removed from something Star Wars related. After he appeared at Celebration where he signed autographs and posed for fans, it seemed he might be making more Star Wars rounds.

But it turns out, it feels like he has been kept in hiding. Back in September, Christensen and Ian McDiarmid – who played Anakin and Palpatine in the prequels, respectively – were supposed to do a panel together. That got canceled at the last minute with rumors suggesting it was at the hands of Disney.

While I can sit here and continue to ask why, there is part of me who feels it’s because Christensen will be in The Rise of Skywalker. There have been questions if he will return, but we don’t actually know.

Given the amount of leaks that have already came out about Episode IX, it seems less likely but at the same time I wonder if Disney is saving that for a big reveal.

Let Hayden Christensen have his moment. Let the guy enjoy Galaxy’s Edge and ride the Millennium Falcon. thankfully, Disney decided to let him and his daughter enjoy the park without sticking him in a cargo hold.

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The Rise of Skywalker premieres December 20 worldwide.