The Mandalorian: 5 things we are thankful for in the new Star Wars series

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The Mandalorian
Emily Swallow is the Armorer in THE MANDALORIAN, exclusively on Disney+ /

A Look at Mandalorian Culture

The Mandalores were for a long time a bit of an unknown in Star Wars culture. Ever since fans heard that Boba Fett wore Mandalorian armor they wondered and dreamt what kind of warriors would wear such cool armor.

The Clone Wars TV series delved into it quite a bit and gave us an idea of how they function as a society. It ultimately focused on a traitorous group known as the Death Watch that joined forces with the Separatists and caused a bit of a civil war. Still, we were able to get a sense of how they function.

The Mandalorian has given us even a clearer picture. It’s unclear what planet the Mandalorian keeps returning to, but it clearly has a small group of Mandalorians living there.

These loyal warriors never take off their helmets and clearly live by a code of conduct that is adhered to by saying the line “This is the way”.  Armor and weapons are part of their religion as the Mando clearly tells the Jawas when they want his disintegration rifle in exchange for parts.

They also appear to prefer armor to actual money, as the Beskar the Mandalorian earns from his bounties he has turned into armor. The show so far has depicted the Mandalorians as a war-centric people who value weapons and armor but also have a strong sense of honor.