The Mandalorian: 5 things we are thankful for in the new Star Wars series

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The Mandalorian
Pedro Pascal is the Mandalorian and Horatio Saenz is the Mythrol in THE MANDALORIAN, exclusively on Disney+ /

An Idea of the State of the Galaxy

Any time a new Star Wars show has come out it has usually been set sometime before A New Hope. Plenty of stories have been told about the start of the Rebellion and the time after the fall of the Jedi and the rise of the Empire. It seemed like the time after Return of the Jedi was just like a turkey when it comes fresh out of the oven, hands-off.

Finally, The Mandalorian is able to explore the time frame after the destruction of the second Death Star and we can give thanks that we are able to see the state of the galaxy in the aftermath.

It is clearly a galaxy in flux. While the Empire is out of power factions of it still remain. We see members of the Empire are still hanging on and trying to scheme some sort of plan with the bounty of the child.

Stormtroopers are still around, though the shine and luster of their armor have been replaced with dirt and grime. Imperial credits are still used as currency but are not as valuable or widely accepted as they once were.

It isn’t a lawless galaxy by any means but one that is clearly in transition. The Guild is the most organized group we are introduced to and have their own set of rules that all bounty hunters who belong to it adhere to. There is a brief mention of the Republic, but it appears for the most part systems are governing themselves. Again, this is an area many fans have wanted to see explored outside of books, and finally, the veil has been lifted.